Weird Fish Behind The Brand

Weird Fish have just released their stylish new Spring/Summer collection for men and women, so we decided to have a chat with them to discuss their fashion journey so far and their top picks from their new range.

How did Weird Fish first come about?

The brand was created back in 1993 after a bracing and inspiring walk along a coastal path in Cornwall. Weird Fish was born with a simple mission: make individual clothing from distinctive fabrics. We started out with some cartoon t-shirts and has now grown into a full collection of Men’s, Women’s and children’s clothing.

Is there a signature Weird Fish style?

Casuals our style, but we are really famous for knitwear and t-shirts. The Macaroni is a knitted fabric we had manufactured into a garment and we have now been selling it for 20 years. We adopted this old circular knitting machine in this dusty old Turkish factory and never looked back since, it’s a fabric unique to Weird Fish and this year we will have sold over 1 million of them!

Where do you get your inspirations from when designing a new collection?

We are inspired from the outdoors and our definitely our amazing customers. Our customer is always out and about, getting away from the norm, so we always look for new fabrics and fits that suit that lifestyle…it could be a coastal walk in Cornwall or a desert Yurt camp in Morocco, but definitely not a traffic jam on the way to work!

Weird Fish Palmer Plain Knit Dress

Which are the stand-out pieces from the new collection?

The Spring collection is the most exciting to date, we’ve worked incredibly hard to push the boundaries on fabrics and prints, so some of the women kaftans and summer dresses are amazing, with really vibrant prints that’ll be perfect for that beach getaway. The men’s cargo shorts and sweats are great, really rugged and durable. They have that great worn in feeling, like your favourite item of clothing, you have an immediate attachment to them. Then there’s always the Macaroni in a ton of new colours!

Weird Fish Jenkinsion Cargo Short

Finally what three words describe Weird Fish?

Easy! Our brand essence ‘Escape The Ordinary’

Be sure to check out the new collection by Weird Fish now!

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