Party Dress Underwear Secrets

This festive season are you wearing a fashionable strapless dress or top, and still want to have great cleavage, lift and shape?

There is a large range of underwear that will work under your party outfit to boost your bust and this magical underwear is barely detectable under clothing. We have picked out two solutions for the perfect party curves that will get you Red Carpet ready!

Backless Strapless Bra

Made entirely from 100% Silicone this Backless Strapless Bra offers great support and is barely detectable under clothing and the inside of the bra has Silicone adhesive which adheres to your body. This cleverly designed bra has a continuous wire encased inside the silicone for added support and to provide a great shape. It can be worn up to 25 times provided the care instructions are carried out as per the details on the box.

Maxistay Up Beauty Bra

This Maxistay Up Beauty Bra is the new adhesive, strapless and backless self-adhesive bra that everyone is talking about and feature in many of the top fashion magazines. The bra is re-usable and can be worn and washed up to 120 times and gives instant shape and cleavage. The silicone bra sticks to your chest instantly and securely. No glue or tapes required!

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