Gio-Goi AW12 House Party Collection

If Gio-Goi threw house parties there would be Late Nights, Live Music and everyone would be wearing the new Gio-Goi AW12 collection.

Watch the video of the historic Gio-Goi house party which was shot in East London, this roadblock event, represented exactly what they are all about. And set to a track by up and coming DJ, Jason ‘Jigsaw’ Chambers.

Gio-Goi emanated from the hedonistic Manchester dance scene in the late 1980s, and quickly became the uniform of clubbers everywhere. The new season collection sees a range of must-have jackets, polo shirts, knits, jeans and footwear featuring bold graphics and logos in stand-out colours.

This is definitely a menswear collection not to be missed!

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