Gem Atelier Charm Jewellery

We have fallen in love with the charming charms a new jewellery company, Gem Atelier, have on offer. The colours, the metal, the choice! The customer becomes the designer when choosing which cut, colour and stone of jewellery, and we couldn’t think of anything better! This means that you create a piece of elegant jewellery that is personal and suited best to you. With the highest level of quality control, you can be assured you receive the very best Gem Atelier has to offer.

The choice of metal gives the customer a freedom unseen by other jewellers, making Gem Atelier a leader in this customisable and niche market. Rose gold, Sterling silver, white gold, platinum and yellow gold, and a whole host of beautifully designed charm designs, you really do get the feeling of a personalised and genuinely unique shopping experience. There are so many different cuts and designs to choose from, including birds, flowers, butterflies, stars and many more shapes and designs.

Rachel Charm by Gem Atelier.

Expert craftsmanship ensures that you receive a top-quality product and personal to you. The full product range boasts chic, playful and stylish pieces, ranging from charms and pendants, to bracelets and rings – these are stand-alone pieces of jewellery that every woman would kill to wear.

Gem Atelier is the UK’s first real bespoke and customisable jewellery brand. Launched summer 2012, this is an exciting, new jeweller, who is already making a splash in the market. Offering fabulously designed pieces, with the chance for the customer to pick and choose which metal, jewel and colour they wish, this makes for a very unique and stand-out brand.

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