Dangers Of Wearing A Gel Bra

Women frequently say that they feel incomplete and lacking when they have small breasts and this can deeply affect their self-confidence and body image. Some even consider having breast enlargement surgery. Today there are many products with same benefits as surgery but without the pain, risks or expense! Silicone enhancers come in many different shapes and sizes so you can find the right size and shape. These can be worn in the bra almost like an outplant rather than an implant.

The extra cleavage and shape is not always something to be taken lightly or entered into without consideration!

1. There’s a high chance you’ll get run over as drivers stare at you, rather than the road.

2. You will get stopped at the airport as security guards will want to frisk you.

3. If you’re not ready to commit to marriage. We urge you do not wear a gel bra! Your boyfriend/partner will produce an engagement ring quicker than you can say ‘gel bra’. This can also be applied to those of you that are married, husbands suddenly develop ‘the urge’.

4. You could end up in casualty, as you will trip over more. Your extra cleavage and breast shape will reduce your field of vision.

5. You’ll end up alone and with no female friends. Friends you thought were ‘good’ or even ‘best’ friends will simply not want to be seen with you. Jealousy is a terrible thing.

6. You may become bankrupt. You’ll develop a frenzied passion and lust for gel bras once you see the results. It’s probable that you’ll spend every penny you earn on gel bras. Don’t do it!

7. Life will never be the same again. Life will change and alter and there will be NO going back. You won’t want to leave the house without one.

Now you know the dangers, if you have enough courage to face the consequences, then visit MaxCleavage.com.

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