Mi Moneda Celebrity Jewellery

Mi Moneda means ‘My coin’ in Spanish and is the hottest new trend in jewellery and loved by many of the top celebrities such as Rhianna and Halle Berry.

Inspired by antique coins, this stunning brand features a diverse range of discs which are attached to bracelets, pendants and necklaces to create a completely unique piece of fashionable jewellery. The interchangeable system allows you to customise each piece to suit your individual style or outfit and change them to match your mood.

Mi Moneda Gold Plated Gusto Bracelet

Choose from either the Mi Moneda Gold Plated Gusto Bracelet which is crafted from gold plated sterling silver in a stunning multi-link twist design, finished with a classic lobster clasp or a Mi Moneda Gold Plated 1.5mm Chain Necklace and attach your favourite pendants with countless possibilities to wear different colours and designs with every outfit.

Mi Moneda Jewellery Collection

Choose from a range of interchangeable necklaces and bracelets by Mi Moneda inspired by vintage coins and be bang on-trend this season.

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