Clogau Charm Jewellery Guide

Hailed as the gold of royalty, Clogau Gold is well known for creating handcrafted jewellery and watches which contain a touch of rare Welsh gold from the Snowdonian mountains.

Since the closure of the mine in 1998, no gold mining taking place in Wales now which means Welsh gold supplies will eventually run out, making it possibly the rarest gold in the world. Due to its scarcity only a touch is included within each piece ensuring the longevity of Welsh gold supplies, and the affordability of the jewellery.

From romantic love to your own personal fashion statement, a bead charm bracelet takes you on a journey through life with unique bead charms that symbolise the most special events in your life.

Clogau Charm Bracelets

The first thing to do is to choose whether you want the yellow and rose gold bracelet, or the silver and rose gold bracelet. Both feature a special CG clasp. To put the charms onto your bracelet you open the clasp and lift the right side of the bracelet out of the clasp. You can now slide your charms onto the bracelet, and when you have finished securely fasten it, by simply placing the right side of the bracelet into the clasp again and close the clasp firmly.

Clogau Charms

Charms are the perfect gift for any jewellery lover, so choose from a gorgeous range of yellow, white and rose gold beads. These charms also fit on a range of silver chains or gold necklaces.

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